Songtime Satellite Network
GE 3, transponder 17, 4034 MHz
Program Group 00001, Designator "SGT"
128 Kb/s MPEG2 Layer-III Joint Stereo Signal

If you experience difficulties with this method of delivery you can visit for more assistance. For further assistance contact John Peden at SongTime via phone at 508-362-7070. Please check their web site first before calling.

Please let us know via email or fax 770.451.9460 if the station will be able to accept delivery via the various time opportunities on the Songtime Satellite that are listed above. We wish to express our gratitude for helping us move into satellite delivery as so many other ministries have done. We remain totally committed to any station not equipped to receive this new delivery system or are already maxed out in the ability to add another download program. For those stations, we will continue sending CDs.

Note: at 26:30 after the hour -- program ends at 26:00 -- Songtime delivers a :30 promo for the program. The :30 promo is also available as an MP3 file (See Above).

Moody Broadcasting Network
GE 3, transponder 17, 4034 MHz
Channels "MB1" and "MB2"

**NOTE:  The Moody Broadcasting Network has criteria for using their satellite network.  For information on how to become an MBN affiliate and air Peachtree programs from MBN, please contact MBN Network Development at (800) 621-7031 or**

Technical help can be found on the MBN Network Development website under "Current Affiliate Info" at  If you are not a Moody affiliate and wish to aquire programming via the Moody Broadcasting Network simply contact them. Direct questions regarding MBN affiliation to (800) 621-7031 or