Verse by Verse 28:30
Pastor Steven A. Kreloff - Clearwater, FL
Steven A. Kreloff is the speaker on Verse by Verse Radio, and the Pastor/Teacher at Lakeside Community Chapel in Clearwater, Florida. He joined the staff at the Chapel in 1976, and became Pastor/Teacher in 1981, 25 years ago. The emphasis of his ministry, from the beginning, has been the expository teaching of the Bible. Those who know him best say his teaching is well balanced between the true meaning of any biblical text and its proper application for today.

COME and SEE 26:00
Dr. Thomas Q. Robbins - Dallas, TX - Bible Teacher and Pastor.

Thomas Q. is the Senior Pastor of University Park United Methodist Church in north Dallas. A former Army officer and judge, Viet Nam veteran and attorney, Thomas Q. teaches, from an orthodox Wesleyan tradition, inviting the listener to consider a better way, Jesus Christ and His Word. Not many Methodist pastors are involved in radio. This teacher speaks with freshness and power that attracts a wide range of evangelical listeners. Weekly programs are not noted for attracting listener response, but Come and See does just that!

Dr. Alden Gannett - Birmingham, AL - Retired Professor and Administrator.
As a former Dallas Seminary professor and President Emeritus of Southeastern Bible College. Alden's life is a demonstration of the sufficiency of Christ. He presents a solid biblical perspective that reflects a lifetime of studying, teaching and living Godís Word. Listeners receive a solid foundation of biblical knowledge and insight. We love Alden and praise God for the way in which his life has influenced so many.